112 Teachers Dismissed In Togo For Striking.

The Togolese government through Gilbert Bawara, the minister in charge of the public service, took the extreme decision to dismiss some striking teachers. Following 2 decrees he signed on Monday, the minister decided to dismiss a total of 112 teachers from the public service.

Gilbert Bawara, the minister in charge of the public service, signed the 1st decree dismissing 86 civil servants. He accused the Teachers of breaching labor laws and regulations and the standards of ethics and professional conduct governing civil servants.

The Minister described their acts as notorious incivility, incitement to violence, disobedience, and revolt, having caused disturbances and disorders in schools and in certain localities.

He stated that “they are dismissed from the public service, without suspension of pension rights”. His 2nd decree targets civil servants-trainees. 

The Minister expressed concern about a Union that supports the strike. He declared the union illegal and does not intend to discuss anything with its leaders, who are calling for relatively regular strike movements, particularly within the country.

Three leaders of the organization are arrested and thrown into the civil prison of Lomé. They are accused of having called the students to rebellion.

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