3 Ghanaians who Built Electric Bike, Excavator, and Solar-Powered Bus Shelter to Make Life Easy in 2022

Ghanaians have illustrated through inventiveness that they are creative as numerous have created or built machines that are valuable in solving issues within the nation.

In 2022, a few individuals built vehicles, bicycles, and bus shelters to form life simple for individuals, including people living with disabilities.

These youthful individuals accomplished their objectives in spite of their restricted assets as they had to overcome monetary obstructions to accomplish success.

Loopsghonline highlightsspotlighthighlight on three youthful Ghanaians who invested assets to construct machines or a solar-powered bus shelter in 2022.

Ghanaian Builds Electric Bicycles Powered with Dead Laptop Batteries in His Garage:

At his garage in his home, young proficient cyclist Lawrence Adjei has built customized electric bicycles moved with reused dead laptop batteries from scratch.

Aside the fork, headset, key, and a number of body parts, the Ghanaian innovator built the frame, wheels, custom-built external battery that helps to run the bicycles himself.
Even in spite of the fact that he has no mastery in welding, Adjei gathered and blended the other components with a machine to complete his bikes.

He then goes ahead to spray the electric bicycles to deliver a shinning and colorful touch to the machines.

Ghanaian Boy Builds Mini Excavator, Mower, and Vacuum Cleaner:

A virtuoso Ghanaian child innovator has put his ability to utilize by building a few electronic gadgets that include an excavator, cutter, and vacuum cleaner.

The boy, whose name is yet to be known, built the machines with cheap materials but managed to achieve his objective.

Despite his limited assets, components of the excavator, counting the bucket, arm, and boom, are all working.

Mckingtorch Africa Unveils Ghana’s First-Ever Solar-Powered Bus Shelter Made from Plastic Waste:

Makafui Awuku, through his Ghana-based environmental sustainability company, McKingtorch Africa, commissioned the country’s first solar-powered transport shelter made from reused and upcycled plastic waste.

The Bus Shelter Proof-of-Concept project is the country’s first and conceivably the first on the continent.

McKingtorch Africa unveiled the first bus shelter of the programme at Dzorwulu in Accra on Thursday, February 3, 2022.

Source: Yen News

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