A 28yr Old Teacher Impregnated By Her 19yr Old Student.

A woma, for which sources never disclosed her name and details, employed a female home teacher for her twins. The unthinkable happened in the course of this teacher executing her duties. The woman of the 19yrs boy, gives details of the story;

” I have 19-year-old twins (a boy and a girl), and I wanted a home teacher for them because I didn’t want a male teacher who might make advances on my daughter, so I chose a 28-year-old female teacher.

This teacher is excellent and very kind to my children. She has made my children addicted to books, and their academic performance is now excellent. In fact, I’m delighted that she is my children’s home teacher.

My children can now converse in English and French on a regular basis.
Beloved, after 8 months of teaching my children, the teacher came to tell me that she is 3 months pregnant with my son, and my son has accepted the pregnancy as his. She claims she loves my son and that I should allow them to marry”

What is your best advise for this woman? She is reading your comments.

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