A Mob Retrieves Suspect From Police, Lynche and Sets Him On Fire Alive Over Social Media Accusations In Mexico.

A group of people attacked a young man identified as a political advisor, and set him on fire over child trafficking accusations shared on chat groups in Mexico on Friday, local authorities revealed.

The young man identified as Daniel Picazo, 31, was lynched by a huge crowd of about 200 people in the central state of Puebla after accusations that a suspected child kidnapper had entered the town which was widely shared on telephone messaging groups, municipal authorities said.

Police attempted to rescue the suspect Daniel Picazo and placed him inside their patrol car but the mob angrily forced him out and drag him to a sports field where he was beaten, doused with gasoline, and set on fire while still alive. 

Daniel Picazo was targeted after a message was sent online alleging the presence of a child kidnapper in the community. with some residents claiming that they saw Daniel while he was struggling with a minor, but nothing was confirmed.

The municipality of Huachinango, which administers the town of Papatlazolco where the lynching took place condemned the act, in a statement. “This is not justice, but barbarism,”

“The competent authorities are already investigating what happened to determine responsibility.”

The police recovered Danial Picazo’s body after the accomplices left the area. 

Prior to the unfortunate incident, Danial Picazo served as an advisor at the legislative Chamber of Deputies.

People on social networks, family, and friends of Daniel Picazo are seeking justice for Daniel Picazo.

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