Abena Korkor opens up on her abortion; gives reason

Socialite Abena Korkor has, for the first time, opened up on one of her darkest moments; when she committed an abortion.

In an exclusive interview with Jerry Justice on the Friday special Ofie Kwanso show, the 32-year-old mentioned her sexual exploits with over 100 men ended in just one pregnancy.

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However, she said at that time the man involved was just a “friend with benefit”, a deal that did not involve an actual relationship or pregnancy, just casual sex.

It was for this reason that the unnamed man refused to father his child with Miss Korkor.

“If a man doesn’t love me or respect me, I will never have any child with you. I won’t force pregnancy on a man who doesn’t want me or my pregnancy, so I had an abortion at that time.”

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Abena Korkor opined that she could have trapped some prestigious men she dated at the time with pregnancy, but that school of thought is one she does not belong to.

“I don’t wanna be a mother for just any man. Women tend to trap rich and prestigious men with babies just so they continue enjoying the glory. But me I will never have a child with any man for that reason, never. If you don’t value me, it is needless to carry your child,” she said.

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She, however, believes she will carry babies for her future partner; a man who would not be the typical, average, traditionally-oriented man.

Watch the video below:

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