Acting Alone Can’t Buy A House Stop Lying About Your Source Of Income – Angela Okorie Slams Female Actresses

Angela Okorie, a popular Nollywood actress, has admonished her female colleagues in the industry to stop lying about their lavish lifestyles being supported solely by acting.

Angela described how many upcoming actresses, who have only appeared in five films, flaunt mansions, live lavish lifestyles, and attribute their source of income to the industry.

In an interview with Factory 78, the actress stated that many of her coworkers have other side hustles to fund their luxurious lifestyles.

“Talking about females making it more than the males, it’s not as if the males are not making it but people should stop lying. All these females should stop lying. You are not even up to a year in Nollywood. You will come and lie to people that you just bought a house. Please tell me which money you use to buy the house” She said.

”And you will be telling people that they are paying you. Oga, you are not earning more than me. And the last time I checked, you have not even done up to ten movies. So, how do you want to compare yourself to someone who has done more than 200 visuals to you who just did five visuals, and you are saying you bought a house? you guys should just stop lying

”You can’t tell me it’s film money that’s giving you the money you use in buying a house. If there is something you are doing to earn money, you should say it.” She claimed in an interview.

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