Actress Joyce Boakye Shows Bundles Of Cash She Rejected And Refused Sex With A Man

Ghanaian Actress Joyce Boakye has narrated an interesting story following a huge sum of money she posted on her Instagram page.

According to Joyce,a man living at East Legon messaged her on Instagram and gave her a business offer to advertise his products for him. When she met the man for the business deal,the man gave her a bag which had bundles of money and asked her to sleep with him for all that money.

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She says the offer was juicy and the money was tempting because she also needed the money for her luxurious living but then she put some factors into consideration and rejected the offer and the money. She claims she asked the man if he still wants her to advertise his products for him but he said no.

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She used this story, whether true or not to advise women not to be cheap and lose their dignity and respect because of money.

Read her caption below:

How many women
Can reject this amount
Of money? If i say some
Girls refuse to sleep with
Men for money trust me.

Once upon a time, a certain man
Invited me to East Legon to advertise
His project for him. Whilst was with him, He gave me this money to hold it for him.

In fact i was shocked and scared .
I thought i was going to get a business, not knowing he wanted to sleep with me.

Women and money, my eyes was red and i needed the money so much coz
I could’ve buy a car or build a house if i agree but i asked my self, is this man okay
1 what will happen to me after i do it
2 Is this man up to something
3 Is he not a ritualist
4 What will he think about me
5 A person that saw me on Instagram and Invited me to advertise for him if i sleep with him he may think that’s what i’ve been doing then i refused him.

So when i was going home i asked him when should i come back for the advert and he answered
That i should think about my pu..ssy
And come back. Hmmmm i was sad but
What can i do but to go back home.

He has been calling and texting
But i refuse him just to gain my respect. Women please try to say no sometimes because some men only
Comes in to know if u r cheap or not.

Note: mona Gucci aa
Anka y3 b3 di ne trumu
Nyinaa aka ho

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