All My Teachings On Tithing Are False-Popular American Pastor Creflo Dollar Confesses[Watch video]

An American televangelist, Dr. Creflo Augustus Dollar, has publicly declared that all his past teachings on the subject of Tithing were false.

From books to tapes, Dr. Dollar has held a strong position, advocating for Tithing.

However, in a recent video of his,  Dr. Dollar has advocated against the concept of tithing by Christians, saying it is not Biblical.

According to Creflo, he is still growing and regrets some of his past teachings on tithing, but he is now enlightened after experiencing grace.

He advised his members and viewers to get rid of any book, tape, recordings, or evidence of his past teachings on Tithing.

Dr. Creflo Dollar’s new position is that religion has survived on two things: fear and guilt. And the church has used those two factors to uphold tithing.

Watch the video below;

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