All You Need To Know About The Ex-Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Trip To Thailand

According to NewsWire, Rajapaksa the Ex-President of Sri Lanka received permission to enter Thailand after the government pleaded with the government of Thailand.

Rajapaksa resigned from office after protesters evaded the presidential palace over mismanagement and economic hardship in the country.

After spending over a month in Singapore, the former president headed to Thailand.

According to sources, the former president of Sri Lanka has requested asylum in Thailand, but this has been denied by the nation. Rajapaksa asked to visit the nation without intending to apply for political asylum, according to the Thai Foreign Ministry.

“Thailand saw no problem with Rajapaksa entering on a diplomatic passport, which would allow him to stay 90 days,” Daily Mirror reported, quoting Thailand Ministry spokesperson Tanee Sangrat as saying.

Thailand would be the second Southeast Asian country after the Maldives that Rajapaksa is seeking temporary shelter in after fleeing his island nation last month amid mass protests.

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