Are Wigs Part Of African’s Identity? Here is a brief History of Wigs And Fashion In Africa.

A woman’s beauty starts from her head and how she keeps her hair contributes to her beauty. This makes wigs an integral part of fashion and beauty, but where do wigs originate from?

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The presence of Wigs in African societies dates centuries back and, for a long time, there has been a complicated relationship between black people and wigs wearing. Some people believe wearing wigs is the luck of pride for natural hair while others believe wigs wearing is a solution to hair problems.

A hair historian, Dr. Afiya Mbilishaka explains to BBC News that “wigs have an African origin, they represent spirituality, wealth and various parts of identity.

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She identified Ancient Egypt and Ancient Kenet as being the origin of well-documented wig culture in Africa. The wigs our ancestors wore were often times loaded with adornments of beads, gold, and various talismans that today’s wigs don’t actually have.

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In ancient times wigs represented spirituality and class.

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