Banky W’s Birthday Message to His Wife Will Make You Fall in Love

Nigerian musician and politician Banky W has penned an emotional message to his wife, Adesuwa Etomi-Wellington, as she celebrates her birthday.

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The singer and politician posted a lovely message to his wife in celebration of the special day, recounting how he once prayed never to marry someone in the entertainment industry but a career lady, someone who works in the banking, telecommunications, or oil and gas sectors.

He also shared that even his wife never wanted a musician, a pastor, or a politician for a husband.

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Read the beautiful message:
“When I was finally ready for a wife, I specifically told God I didn’t want someone in the Entertainment business. My life was unstable enough. I wanted a 9-to-5 career lady. Someone in Banking, or Telecomms, or Oil & Gas, or Aviation. Just… something else. I didn’t want someone with a career as crazy as mine.

And when Susu prayed for her husband, she specifically told God she didn’t want a Musician, a Pastor or a Politician. Lol. Here we are, almost 6 years into our marriage… and it’s crystal clear that God’s plans for us were much better than anything we could have dreamt up for ourselves. And so on your birthday @adesuaetomi, I want to celebrate you. It’s the ‘you’ for me. It’s your love and your laugh. Your smile and your heart. Your beautiful brain and banging body (hellurrrrr). Your talent and your destiny.

Thank you for loving me, and birthing Z. Thank you for inspiring me and encouraging me. Thank you for riding with me through it all. Thank you for choosing me and building with me. Thank you. And thank God for you. Because without you, I don’t know where or who I would be. Thank you. The one thing I have learnt is that absolutely nobody is perfect. But you’re perfect for me. I pray we continue to build our relationship on the solid rock that is Christ. I pray we continue to grow in love, joy and peace. I pray we continue to fight for each other… because what we have will always be worth fighting for. Until my dying day, may our bond never ever break, in Jesus name.

I love you now more than ever. I’ll love you forever. Happy birthday Mrs Adesua Etomi-Wellington. It’s always ‘you’ for me.”

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