Bimodal Voter Accreditation System Machines Were Stolen By Gunmen In Two States Of Nigeria—INEC Chair Yakubu

In the general elections, no fewer than eight BVAS machines were removed from polling places in the states of Delta and Cross River.

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It was discovered that armed men assaulted the polling places and stole the voting equipment.

As backup BVAS machines were made available, Mr. Yakubu, who briefed journalists in Abuja, said voting went on as usual in the two polling places.

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Additionally, he claimed that a bandit raid caused polling to be delayed in a certain section of Niger State.

In addition, Mr. Yakubu noted the late arrival of election officials and supplies in many polling places throughout Nigeria, stating that the commission would address the issue by ensuring that everybody in line by 2:30 pm will be permitted to cast a ballot, regardless of how long it takes.

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