Bishop Samuel Osei-tutu’s Indispensable Counsel To The Young Generation

The founder and the general overseer of Breakthrough Family Ministries International, Bishop Samuel Osei-Tutu, has launched out a carefully propounded nuggets to all young ministers across the globe,who have envisioned to travel far in their purpose and calling, so far as ministry is concerned.

The forensic prophet, writer, philanthropist, Educationist, counselor and the global revivalist, penned down 12 invaluable considerations every young folk must adopt and travel with, in life.

On His social media pages, he shares the following counsel;

“Apart from being anointed by God to do his work, kingdom assignment demands a lot of sacrifice, physical energy, passion, discipline, focus, among others.
My Counsel to the young generation of leaders coming up is:

1) They should take their time and go through the process before looking for pulpits to preach.

2) They should submit well to authority particularly their spiritual fathers and not be disobedient or rebellious to them thinking they have arrived.

Bishop Samuel Osei-Tutu

3) They must understand that just as we have one biological father, it is imperative to also have one spiritual father. The covering of that spiritual father is an absolute necessity.

4) Although good to have mentors in ministry, the place of a spiritual father is a indispensable and non-negotiable requirement for destiny fulfillment.

Bishop Samuel Osei-Tutu ministering at Abuja – Nigeria

5) Note that it is not how fast you go but how far you go. There is no wisdom in running fast in ministry only to crash at the end. Hasty climbers always have a sudden fall.

6) They must value ministry relationship especially those who have laid hands and imparted grace into their lives.

7) Never must they disregard, disrespect, despise and destroy people who have labored for them and showed them the path to greatness.
They should always wait for their time to come. God is a God of times and seasons.

9) They should always be led by love and eschew unforgiveness and bitterness.

10) They should avoid pride and remain humble for that is the way to the height of greatness.

11) Always be mindful that as much as money is good, it must never and can never be the reason and motivation for ministry.

12) Above all, maintain a buoyant relationship with God by having a quality prayer, word filled life and walking in purity/godliness.

Remember that there is a place that God has reserved for you in life and ministry that no one can deny you of, not even the devil unless you give him that entry point”.

Bishop Samuel Osei-Tutu, on his apostolic mission work, has recently planted a new branch in Accra, at Mikado Conference Hall, located at Osu.

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