Black Sherif Finally Reveals The Type Of Lady He Likes To Date Or Marry

The fastest rising Ghanaian Artist, Black Sheriff has shocked his fans when he finally revealed the type of woman he likes.

Once you become a celebrity, people are always on the lookout for who you are dating. Even when you intend to keep it secret, it is highly unlikely to keep that secret for a long time.

In an interview on UTV’s UTUU show, hosted by the Media Mogul, Abieku Santana, he quizzed the second sermon hitmaker, Black sheriff if he has a girlfriend?

He laughed and used his two hands to describe her women. Even though he didn’t say it verbatim, his gesture suggests he is into the Moesha Budong type of girls, the curvy girls.

On many TV platforms, Black Sheriff, kweku the Traveller, has always insisted he is not dating any girl at the moment.

In Black Sheriffs interview with Abieku Santana, he only described the type of girl he intends to date, which he black sheriff describes as a lady who is portable or curvy.

“A slim guy with a curvy woman won’t look bad” someone commented.

Let hope our rising Blacko gets his type of lady who will genuinely love him.

Watch Video below:

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