Chinese Company Invents Kissing Device to Combat Loneliness

A Beijing-based company called Siweifushe has created the MUA kissing device to combat the loneliness that long-distance couples experience.

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The MUA, which gets its name from the sound of a kiss being blown, is a long-distance kissing device that gathers kiss data from users using motion sensors tucked away in its silicon lips.

The device also collects and replays sound and gently warms up during kissing to make the experience more genuine. Users can download kissing data supplied by other users and utilize the MUA with a companion app.

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The device was inspired by the lockdown isolation during the COVID-19 epidemic, and it was released on January 22, 2023, priced at 260 yuan ($38).

In just two weeks following its release, Siweifushe sold over 3,000 kissing gadgets and received nearly 20,000 orders.

The MUA comes in a variety of colors with the same unisex lips and resembles a mobile stand with colorless pursed lips. Although the MUA is not the first remote kissing gadget, it is a popular and inventive method to overcome the loss of physical intimacy in long-distance relationships.

Chinese Company Invents Kissing Device to Combat Loneliness Loops Gh Online

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