Chris Brown Throws Fan’s Phone for Ignoring Him While He Gave Her a Lap Dance

As a result of Chris Brown throwing away a fan’s phone while doing a lap dance for her on stage, the singer is currently trending on social media.

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The “Bad Influence” tour by Chris Brown has been going on for a while. The musician, who is renowned for his dancing abilities, decided to perform a lap dance for a fan.

She held her phone and sat on a chair on the stage watching Brown and his band play for her. When she randomly took up her phone and texted fans, it was noticed.

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Many of her supporters in the audience were furious because they all desired to be in her position. The performer danced and made advances toward the fan without her knowledge.

When the song’s lyrics called for “dashing a phone,” Chris Brown actually grabbed the fan’s phone and threw it into the crowd.

Many individuals were indignant because they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Later, it was discovered that the worried fan was successful in recovering her phone.

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