Don’t Take Offering From Worldly People – Kumchacha

Outspoken popular Ghanaian preacher, Prophet Nicholas Osei better known as Kumchacha has condemned the actions of his fellow religious leaders who encourage worldly people to give their funds but rebuke their choice of songs.

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The prophet recently wondered why preachers blame their followers for listening to secular music but they are happy to take donations from “worldly” individuals in an interview on UTV.

The founder and executive director of Heavens Gate Ministries insisted that music comes in many different forms and that some secular music is better suited for particular times than its Christian equivalent. His recent views have caused controversy in Christian communities.

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“There is no music as secular music, every song has an inspiration behind it. The pastors who say that, when they go to crusades and receive offerings why don’t they equally reject the offering for the ‘sinners’ who pay? he questioned.

“We have believers and unbelievers, I Kumchacha say these preachers are hypocrites. We live in the world so all songs are worldly. Will a pastor reject 500 million in the offering bowl because the person is an unbeliever?? They come out to rebuke it in public and hide in private to jam to it,” he disclosed
His response soon sparked a discussion over the use of secular music in religious contexts on social media. While some contend that popular music should not be utilized in churches, others think it can be a useful tool for reaching out to a wider audience.

Prophet Kumchacha’s remarks were a response to the recent argument started by gospel musician Moses OK, who urged Christians to cease listening to non-Christian music.

For the benefit of their spiritual development, the church advises that Christians only listen to gospel music.
Victor Kodom, a Christian, stated that Christians have no business listening to secular music since it does not edify them in an exclusive interview with Onua TV/Onua FM entertainment writer. Victor Kodom is also known by the stage name Moses Osei Kwarteng.

“You can’t listen to songs that do not carry the word of God, songs that don’t correspond with the scriptures. That’s why I don’t encourage people to listen to secular songs,” he said.

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