Drama; As Side Chick Tries To Escape From Boyfriend’s Wife In Viral Video(watch video)

A video has emerged online showing a young woman(side chick) who is entangled as she tries to escape from her boyfriend’s wife.

In the video, the young woman is seen playing a hide and seek game as she smartly moves from one corner of the room to another.

The lady seen wrapped in a white towel was having a fun time with another woman’s husband when the wife of the man accidentally appeared. The man’s wife suspected some funny was going on inside the room since her husband was partly naked and tried preventing her from entering the room.

In the two-door apartment, the side chick who was in a towel was left with no choice but to run out of the room using another door. The three people funnily kept moving in circles in and out of one door to the other.

Watch the video below;

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