Drama As the Husband Surprises Wife With DNA Test Results On Their “Daughter’s” Birthday In Viral Video(Watch Video)

A young man has given his wife the shock of her life as he presents the DNA test to her on their daughter’s birthday.

The DNA test revealed that the child was not the man’s daughter. His wife had been keeping the truth from him all along while always making it appear as though he was the father of their fictitious daughter.

The guy, however, decided to have his daughter’s DNA tested. It was discovered that he was the girl’s biological father.

in order to stop acting irrationally nervous. He made the choice to wait to share the depressing news with anyone until their daughter’s birthday.

He cleverly put the DNA test outcomes in a lovely presentation box. He gave it to his wife and waited for her to read what was inside.

As it turned out, the woman was unable to determine what was in the box. She eagerly opened it while she was doing so fiercely.

Her husband urged her to leave the house a month after she had just paused to read the results.

“Why will you do this? she asked.” “I am not the father” the man replied.

Watch the video below;

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