Empowering Women With Unexpected Babies – Afiba (Miss Western Beauty Queen)

Among many culture women are seen and treated as sex objects. Many portray themselves as such in verbal and non verbal ways.

Women with unexpected babies and yet not married are underestimated and maltreated because of their present situation, they are the cause of their own predicament at times because they hardly mingle around with others especially when they are being dropped out of school, they are sometimes being rejected by their families because they see them as a disgrace to the family and the society.

AFIBA (Miss Western Beauty Queen)

Some men who marry women with babies have perception that, the babies will turn to look for their biological father so they hardly take care of the baby. Such men think their pride is been taken away by another man.

Some women with unexpected babies are mostly traumatized and never seems to live life better, only few who stood on their grounds have been able to make it through life’s battle with vocation skills and others who furthered their education after birth with the necessary support from family member (mum and dad).

I am really not in support with teens having unexpected babies especially when they are in school, but when teens found themselves in such unexpected condition, I instigate parents and people around them not to abandon or maltreat them, but rather they should help and encourage them so they don’t end up living a frustrated life that could affect the beautiful future of the baby.

I, Afiba, being a victim to early motherhood did not allow that to kill my spirit of being the best I want to be. I am proudly taking care of myself and my baby with the necessary support from my parents and siblings.

AFiba and baby

I am an entrepreneur, running my own eatry, also working at Nzema 96.5fm and I’m here today not just to fight for a crown but to get the opportunity and platform to educate and inspire people in such situations. I urge everyone, especially the teens with unexpectedly babies not to give up because that’s not the end of their life.

I intend to achieve this motive so my voice could reach out and encourage both parent and teens in such condition.

Aftermath of the event, I will liaise with kings and Queens, MP’s and MCE’s,youth activist,Priest and Pastors, past queens of various beauty pageants to reach out to my target groups on Durbar grounds, radio stations seminaries,churches , all social gatherings both J.H.S and S. H. S to tell them to raise up to the occasion and live life to the best of their expectations without strips of sociatal vices because it is possible to make it up there no matter the circumstances

I urge everyone to help me with their vote to be crown as the winner of Miss Western 2020 so that I can achieve my motive to help and inspire women and teens with unexpectedly babies. Thank You.

By: Afiba (Miss Western Beauty Queen).


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