Endorsing Political Parties is not Enough reason to Reject Our Movies – Kumawood Actor

Popular Kumawood Actor, Prince Acheampong known in the movie industry as Inchankota has asked Ghanaians not to judge actors and actresses who endorse political parties in the country.

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Some Kumawood actors and actresses, who openly endorsed political parties in 2016 and 2020, claimed they have been sidelined because some producers are unwilling to use them with the fear that Ghanaians will not watch their movies due to their political affiliation.

Speaking in an interview on AMBASSADOR TV, Inchankota emphasized that “endorsing is not a crime so I will beg Ghanaians to watch our movies even if we endorse their opponent political parties”.

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He added, “Mr Beautiful has been sidelined in the industry all because he endorsed a certain political party. It is not that Mr Beautiful is not a good actor, producers are afraid to use him in their movies because they are afraid people will not buy that movie”.

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