Eugene Arhin’s Wife Arrested After Allegedly Protecting Househelp Abusing Their Daughter

The Director of Communications at the office of President Akufo-Addo, Eugene Arhin’s ex wife has been arrested for allegedly protecting her abusive househelp.

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According to reports, Eugene Arhin‘s Daughter has complained to her father about how their househelp abuses her s*xually anytime her mother steps out.

The girl revealed that, anytime her mother is out and she asks for food, she gets abused by the househelp before she is fed.

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Mr Arhin reported the issue to the Police and His ex wife was invited and questioned about the incident.

Ex Mrs Arhin said it was a ploy by Mr Arhin to feed the daughter with lies just to get full custody of her.

Rumours have it that, she tried to protect the guy against arrest but when he was finally picked up by the police, she again followed up and bailed him.

Information gathered also disclosed that, a medical examination was conducted and it confirmed the little girl’s claim.

The case is still under investigation with the police and shall be soon processed for court.

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