Fighting For Journalists In Another Media House Is Deadly – Manasseh Azure Cautions Colleagues.

Investigative Journalist Manasseh Azure has warned his colleague journalists to be careful of fighting for Journalists in other media houses because it is deadly.

Manasseh’s comment came after Bridget Otoo called out on the owners of EIB Network over reports that the media house hasn’t paid its staff for the last nine months.

The Metro TV broadcaster urged the management of the station to act right rather than laying off some staff who protest over unpaid salaries.

Reacting to the post, Manasseh in a Facebook post said “if you are a journalist, one thing you should be careful about is fighting for journalists in another media house. It’s deadly”.

Bridget Otoo has also agreed with Manasseh as she replied to his post by saying “this is true, you can lose fake friends in the process. The irony about a lot of media personalities is they are cowards deep down and would throw you under the bus”.
“They demand of the politician the very thing they can’t even demand of their colleagues or management,” she concluded.

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