Ghana Police Thwart Another Bullion Van Assault at Industrial Area; Details Discharged

The Ghana police have stopped another bullion van robbery attempt at Industry Region, close Kaneshie, in Accra. 
 The occurrence happened on Tuesday, February 22, 2020, when the quick activity by the police rendered the robber’s activity unsuccessful. 

 An explanation by the police has it that the suspects are being sought after by the Anti-Robbery groups and would overhaul the open later.

  Emergency numbers – 18555 or 191- have moreover been discharged for individuals of the open who may have data relating to the incident.

The last bullion van robbery happened at Korle-Bu, Accra, in which a constable, Emmanuel Osei, was shot.

In a report sighted by as loopsghonline gathered.

The Ghana police have halted another bullion van assault from happening at the Accra Industrial Area on Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

A explanation discharged by the police service said the suspects were being sought after by the Anti-Robbery groups and would guarantee that they are brought to book.

The service encouraged the public to discharge any significant data required in examining the incident through the Police Emergency numbers 18555 or 191.

Meanwhile, Ghana has seen a number of bullion van robbery in later times. The last time it ever happened was at Korle-Bu, in June 2021, which brought about within the passing of a police officer, Emmanuel Osei.

Osei was not the only casualty. A mother of three, too misplaced her life as she was supposedly chased and shot by the thieves.

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