Gifty Anti Allegedly Sacks Her Husband From Her House 

Gifty Anti, a media personality, has been the subject of in-depth discussion on the Instagram rumors blog ThoseCalledCelebs.

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Oheneyere Gifty Anti reportedly kicked her husband out of the house and is currently living alone.

A source claims that seasoned Ghanaian journalist Gifty Anti now lives alone with her daughter after successfully evicting her spouse Nana Ansah IV.

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Fans noticed that Gifty Anti has ceased mentioning her husband and has also stopped attending events with him, hence this rumor surfaced on the ThoseCalledCelebs site.

After that, it was revealed by a person deemed to be close to the pair that Gifty Anti had fired her husband.

However, it is unknown if she has officially requested a divorce or if she simply wishes to live alone.

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