Gunmen Attack kills Policeman And Burnt Patrol Van In Nigeria.

A group of armed men killed a police officer on Friday in Nsukka, Enugu State Nigeria. They fired at a police car at two different police checkpoints in the area.

The Nigerian News Agency (NAN) said the gunmen opened fire on the police and killed a policeman in a fire exchange.

Witnesses at the scene, who asked not to reveal their identities, said the incident happed on Friday around 6:20 am in the morning.

“I quickly rushed to my doors to ensure that all of them are well locked.

“I switched off all electric lights in my house and told my wife and children to keep quiet because I thought it was armed robbers,” he said.

He said after some minutes the gunshots stopped he saw people rushing to the junction and I joined them only to see a lifeless policeman on the ground.

The armed men burnt the patrol vehicle and zoomed away.

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