Hard Slay Queen Shares Her Experience Of $leeping With Dogs In Dubai (Porta Potty video)

Trending Now: Hard Slay Queen Shares Her Experience Of $leeping With Dogs In Dubai (Porta Potty video)

Stories about awful things some ladies go through to make money in Dubai have been surfacing on the internet for some time now. It is alleged that most Instagram influencers and Celebrities are the ones who mostly give themselves out for such torture in order to make a lot of money.

A young lady has come out to share her what she went through during her adventure with these Arab men in Dubai.

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According to her, these Arab men will agree to pay you thousands of dollars if you follow their instructions. She said they are in a group and if everyone of them wants to have sex with you,you have to comply.

Unfortunately sex isn’t the only thing they need but some nasty things as well.

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The lady narrated that, these group of Arab men will let their dogs have sex with the lady as well and the mowt disgusting thing is they and their dogs poo into the mouth of the lady they are dealing with and ask her to eat the faeces, and she has to eat everything.

She concluded that if you are able to go through all this, then they give you huge sums of money.

Watch video below: Porta Potty video

7 thoughts on “Hard Slay Queen Shares Her Experience Of $leeping With Dogs In Dubai (Porta Potty video)

  1. Dogs have now become husbands to women in the women in our world. These human animals, have enslaved themselves to a lower beings, just because of retuals and quick money making without suffering. But the evil that men lives after them. How you fill in the next world of the spirit and others live humanly and you as a lady will be surrounded with millions of dogs claiming you all over and you will not have common space of breathing. Because as animals they will love you at their satisfaction, not you own satisfaction and are much more in number. Remember dogs and animals lovers you are building your own kingdom here on earth and you must inherit it your self, the most funny thing is that you can never, never escape these animals really your blood have already missed with the blood of these animals and you are part of them and they are part of you. It means you have totally chosen your better part in life and you can never run away from that. Looking closer to the faces of these ladies you find out that their faces are gradually resembling that of dogs. But am writing to to you the level of harm you in your numbers have done to yourselves. But get it from me dogs are not human beings and can not be both here in this planet and in any other realm. You can still help your self if want and determined. Which will also cause you your life. If you can ble able to say am sorry from your heart. Just as those who made U turn like prodigal son. If you like, but for know you have enroll yourself in the family of dogs. Thereby making yourself full time dogs associate. But it will be better for you if you can struggle to be human again if you want. The ball is in court. Be bless as heed these words.

  2. You are all insane. Look at how they are talking shamelessly. May God punish you these girls degrading womanhood.

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