“He Just Couldn’t Handle It” – MzVee Opens Up On Her Last Relationship.

Beautiful Ghanaian musician, Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda, popularly known as MzVee has opened up about her past relationship and how it ended.

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Speaking in an interview with ZionFelix, she said her ex boyfriend’s jealousy and insecurities ended their romantic relationship.

When asked if her man ever had issues with her music career, MzVee revealed that her ex-boyfriend wasn’t too confident in her abilities as a musician which later grew into jealousy and insecurities.

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“He started getting jealous and stuff like that. He just couldn’t handle it. It comes with the work. Female musicians get a lot of passes from men and stuff like that and to be with a female musician is a little tough. You have to be confident about yourself. Because she will meet a lot of men and at a point, you will think she doesnt even love you.”

“You just see all these people with lots of money who come from different countries. And if you are not confident, it will spoil your relationship and that’s what happened. He was insecure I think,” she said.

They finally broke up because they couldn’t come into terms with each other’s ambitions.

“I didn’t try hard after his insecurities because the way he was handling it, it wouldn’t have worked so I let him go. I did love him. But we were together for a while and it’s not like I wanted the breakup. We were together for a while for me to see that it’s gotten to a point where no matter what we do, it’s still going to be bad,” she added.

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