Hilarious; Pastor Shocks Bride After Smartly Editing The Wedding Vow In Viral Video(Watch video)

A Clergyman stunned Bride and the wedding guest after changing the wedding vow in a viral video.

In the viral video, the preacher decided to be creative while officiating the wedding as he adds a little twist during an exchange of vows between a couple. The preacher asked the bride to pledge that she will satisfy her husband with her breast at all times.

The changed version of the vow shocked the bride as she paused before responding, her action got the quest laughing.

The Preacher changed the vow by saying “From today, I shall promise my breast will satisfy you at all times, I will be the lovely wife”.

The bride was left shocked by this odd addition to the vow and looked at him in surprise and laughed and the pledge to her husband.

Watch the video below;

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