“I Am Jealous of Mad People” – Wanlov Reveals

Wanlov the Kubolor has admitted that he is envious of people with mental disabilities because of their ability to freely go about their daily lives while nude.

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Wanlov has a distinctive sense of style and frequently dresses simply, and he has expressed a wish to go completely naked, like other people with mental disabilities.

In a recent interview with Ghanaweb, Wanlov said, “I am jealous of mad people. I’m like, why are you walking around naked and no one cares? People would stop caring if I did it right now… [pause]… maybe if I did it for a long time.”

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But, he warned that despite being mentally handicapped, he would not be that fortunate because the police would probably arrest him.

He even made light of the fact that he would need enough cash in case of an arrest for public indecency to cover the fine.

“I think I need to have enough money in case I am arrested for public nudity. Until they realize that maybe I do have a mental problem, they won’t leave me alone,” he added.

Wanlov went on to say that in order to avoid punishment, he could have to fabricate a mental ailment.

Wanlov also gave a justification for his preference for simple attire. According to him, the body acts as an air conditioner by sweating, and when a wind comes in touch with the sweat, the body swiftly cools off.

The result is different when someone is dressed and the wind blows against their perspiration-soaked clothing.

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