“I Don’t Believe in the God Gives, God Takes Doctrine – Majid Michel

Actor Majid Michel says he does not believe in the popular saying ‘God gives and God takes that many Christians believe.

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According to him, it was words said by Job in the Bible in his time of anguish but was not meant to be taken as a tenet for all to live by.

Majid made this statement on a radio program while talking about the many commentaries that have followed the death of Ghanaian footballer Christian Atsu.

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“I don’t believe in you don’t know what will happen tomorrow or God gives and takes, that is a lie. It was Job’s words and now we have made it a doctrine, it is false. God doesn’t give and God doesn’t take nothing,” he said.

‘God gave Atsu and God has taken him’, it is a lie. “Atsu wasn’t supposed to die, it is a premature death,” Majid Michel added.

The actor noted that it is therefore good for a person to rather have a prayerful life and a relationship with God.

“That is why we need to build the people, it is better to raise strong children than to repair broken men,” Majid Michel added.

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