“I Don’t Have a Candidate I Believe In” – Burna Boy on Elections

Nigerian megastar Burna Boy has addressed the accusations leveled against him in the lead-up to the 2023 election.

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On Monday, February 27, 2023, Burna Boy posted an explanation of the reasons for his quiet throughout the 2023 presidential election on his Instagram account.

The Grammy winner expressed bewilderment that people were making a big deal out of his lack of support for a candidate given that he had never done so.

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Burna Boy states he has never backed a candidate out of concern that the electorate would blame him if that candidate unavoidably made a mistake.

He continues by saying that even if he won’t take part in the election since he doesn’t believe in it, the best candidate will win.

“I dunno why it’s such a big deal to some Nigerians that I’ve not been vocal about the elections. Personally, I don’t have a candidate that I believe in. I’ve never supported any political party or candidate in my life because I don’t want to make you vote and then blame me when the person fucks up, as usual, That being said, I hope all votes count and the best man wins.”

Readers may recall that Burna Boy was harshly criticized by his Twitter followers for his lack of reaction to the election. Burna Boy finally spoke up and begged the election commission not to tamper with the vote-counting procedure.

He has drawn criticism for not acting like the giant he claims to be, particularly given that he takes pleasure in singing about the suffering of the populace while behaving oppressively.

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