“I Don’t See Myself As a Sex Symbol” – Nancy Isime

Nancy Isime, a media personality and actress from Nigeria, has discussed why she thinks it’s strange to be referred to or viewed as a sex symbol.

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Isime revealed this in an interview with Ehiz during which she voiced her displeasure over the fact that some people regard her as a sex symbol.

When Ehiz asked if she considers herself one, she said, “Aye! Do you know the funniest part? No. I would never know why people- “Because as a woman, you don’t even need to do anything to be a sex symbol. People just always want to make everything about you about sex.

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Commenting on if she’s aware that many consider her a sex symbol, the actress said, “I know. And it’s weird. Because what did I do? It’s just weird. Because I don’t even know. See the thing I’m talking about. I have no makeup on. Literally, I have a hat on. I’m all covered up. I see myself as a crush symbol because there’s a huge- everybody “you’re my crush”, “he crush”, “e crusher”, but sex symbol, I don’t get that a lot….Yeah, I know probably there are fantasies of that. And it also happens with being a single woman. Maybe when I get married, all of that dies down a little bit. I feel like when you’re married, that kinda dies down. Some sick people still stay and say they want to have sex with you when you’re married, but sex symbol, I don’t see myself as that.”

"I Don't See Myself As a Sex Symbol" - Nancy Isime Loops Gh Online

The media celebrity recently discussed the types of actors she like to share intimate scenes with as well as the reason why she never finds sex or kissing scenes in films enjoyable.

Isime made it apparent that many people believe that sex and kiss scenes are pleasurable and appealing to actors and actresses. The actress expressed her hatred of sex and kissing scenes in an interview with media personality Dadaboy, saying that they are just scripts.

"I Don't See Myself As a Sex Symbol" - Nancy Isime Loops Gh Online

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