‘I Don’t Want To Work With Him Again’ – Pappy Kojo On His Beef With Joey B

Ghanaian rappers, Pappy Kojo and Joey B were great friends, but their friendship has deteriorated over the past six years.

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Back in 2019, rumors of a supposedly ongoing dispute between them grabbed the news and generated a lot of discussion.

The circumstances of what actually caused their breakup were recently revealed by Pappy Kojo in an open forum on Twitter.

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He said it was because Joey B made the decision to give him some space simply because he refused to leave two of his pals, Snypa and Akitiwroro, whom he has known since he was 16 years old.

On Friday, December 9, 2022, Pappy Kojo was asked if he was prepared to rekindle his friendship with Joey B when he appeared on 3 Music TV’s Culture Daily program.

Pappy emphatically said no, even if it meant that he would receive a large sum of money in return.

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