I drank my own urine in America to avoid being thrown in prison – Wayoosi

• The actor was forced to drink the urine to prove his innocence

• Wayoosi relocated to the United States five years ago

In a bid to avoid arrest, popular Kumawood actor, Wayoosi has recounted an instance where he was compelled to gulp down his own urine.

Stating the reasons which necessitated such an action, the actor, known in real life as Joseph Osei, said he resorted to urinating in a bottle and kept it in his car because he couldn’t find any available washroom at that particular moment.

Unluckily for him, he was stopped by a police officer who offered to conduct a random search in his car and ended up discovering the urine.

Wayoosi, in his defence, told the police officer that the urine was a medical prescription and to prove that, he drank a substantial amount right in his presence.“I urinated in a polythene because there were no washrooms around where I was driving.

I was in the car together with my friends and the police stopped us on our way. They requested to search the car and they chanced upon the urine in a bottle. They asked what it was and I told them it is my medicine. He asked whether he can taste it and I said yes. In an attempt to drink it the police officer realized it was urine and he got angry. In a bid to play smart and avoid going to jail I told him the urine is a prescription from a doctor and I drank it right in his presence,”

He stated in a viral video.The Kumawood actor said unlike Ghana, rules, and regulations are enforced to the latter in the United States.

“The system really works in the states. What we do here in Ghana is a joke. Even if nobody cautions you to abide by rules when traveling to the states, you’ll be forced to do that when you get there.” He added.

One can recall that Wayoosi relocated to America after he bounced back from a near-fatal kidney failure five years ago.

Watch the video below

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