I finally met my friend’s Fiancé. Where we already know each other from is the problem right now

A close friend of mine is set to get married in a month’s time. As one of his many groomsmen, we are current planning our attire and putting plans together for the engagement and wedding. Over the weekend, I got to meet his wife for the first time and I’ve been a mess since.

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My friend had invited us all to a small get together with his fiancé and her friends to introduce us. Essentially, he wanted the friends from his side to meet she and her friends just to have fun and bond with each other. Immediately I saw his wife to be I knew there was trouble, because I recognized her. She is a hookup girl I used to order.

I have ordered several of them and this particular girl was one of my favorites. About a year ago, she quit the hookup business, deleted all of her contacts and I never heard from her again. At the time, she told me she wanted to turn her life around, and make something of herself. I didn’t know that she was planning to go get married. And to my own friend of all people.

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I have heard stories about men finding out that one of their friends dated their wife before and that ruined the marriage and their friendship ….and my situation is even worse. This lady wasn’t just my ex, she was my call girl; someone I paid regularly to be with me. How would my friend react if I told him?

On the other hand, maybe its not my place to interfere in other people’s issues and ruin their chance at a happy life. The girl could have changed for all I know and willing to turn a new leaf. For all I know, my friend may already be aware of her past and willing to accept her for who she is. Wouldn’t I just be causing more harm by bringing up the past and opening what could be old wounds? This whole thing has got me thinking a lot, of considering multiple scenarios. I haven’t been able to sleep.

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