I Lost $120k Investment In Wutah, With $90k From My Pocket – Guru Reveals.

Ghanaian rapper, Guru, has shared the story to how he and popular Ghanaian musician, Wutah, stopped working together.

 In an interview on Ekwanso Dwoodwoo on Okay FM with Abeiku Santana, Guru disclosed that he lost an amount of $120,000 by investing into the music video of Wutah.

The Music duo, Wutah, who were signed unto NKZ Music owned by Guru released a video to their much-anticipated song, ‘Bronya’ in 2017. The song topped charts both locally and internationally. The video was visualised by X-Bills Ebenezer.

Speaking on the making of the video by Guru, he revealed that details of the contract created confusion between him and the artistes.

He shared that : “We were able to do it for it to succeed. However, when it came into effect, and another person in the group got up to express displeasure in the agreement. It was 50:50 initially but he said I don’t deserve it. I should be offered 30. However, I don’t even deserve 30, I should be given 20 percent”.

When Abeiku Santana asked him whether his label didn’t sign any Contract or Agreement before the shooting of the video, he stated that his lawyer was the one who even drafted a well-detailed contract for both parties.

“My lawyer drafted a proper contract. It was about $120,000. Me, personally, I invested about $80 to 90k. This is physical cash. Wutah’s first video cost me about $65,000. X-Bills shot that video, and it was shot here in Ghana, in either 2018 or 2019”. He said.

Guru revealed that shooting videos are costly even if the location is in Ghana, with a number of costs which include renting of cars and venues as well as catering for the accommodation of the rest of the team.

 “We shot the video in different areas in Ghana. The cost of the team, and the venue alone cost a fortune. You can shoot the video, but the props; the kind of camera., the kind of location. For example: If you need to book a flat, you need to pay for the cost of using that space, and also the car used in the video cost about $900 to rent”.

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