I Want To Divorce My Wife But I’m Worried About My Kids, Help Me Out – Anonymous Confession

I’m a 31 year old young man and I’m married with two kids, a boy and a girl. My wife is a nurse and I was the one who took care of her education.

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We had our first child before she started going to school and when she was in her final year we got married and she got pregnant for the second child. When she was at school I had a financial challenge along the line and her behavior changed towards me. She talked to me anyhow and disrespected me.

I’ve come to realize that when she was in school and I was working so hard so that I can take care of her education, she was also busy dating another student and having affair somewhere. Not once, not twice but uncountable times.

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When I questioned her she confirmed it’s true but she apologized it won’t happen again. Recently I lost my job again and this time around she started treating me like rag. When she gets a phone call, she will leave my presence and can be on the phone for hours. Finally, She packed to her parent’s house with the second child.

Now I’ve gotten my job back and this time around with a higher position and a very huge salary. Now she wants to come back. And also, one thing I’ve realized is that, anytime she leaves my life, I start to progress and whenever she comes back,things get worse.
I want to divorce her but I’m thinking of the kids and I’m confused. Please help me out.

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