I Was Suspended From School – KiDi Shares Most Embarrassing SHS Moment.

Popular Ghanaian singer KiDi has disclosed that whilst in school at Accra Academy, he used to break bounds to go to girls’ schools for fun fair.

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Speaking in an interview with pulse.com.gh,he said the act eventually led to his suspension from Accra Academy.

“I was in a boys’ school, Accra Academy. We used to go to fun fairs in the girls’ schools and all. I went for one that I eventually got suspended. I was sad because so many of us went. We were about 30 to 40 but whoever went to snitch, snitched on eight people,” he said.

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Narrating what exactly happened, the Artiste of the year said after the eight names were recorded, someone snitched him out by going to add his name to the list.

“God being so good I wasn’t part of the eight but if you look on the paper, they had written eight names with a blue pen. But surprisingly, someone went to use a different pen colour to write my name at the end”.

“It turned out to be embarrassing after they asked us to bring our mums to school to sign suspension letters and stuff,” he added.

KiDi also added that the headmaster mistook his mother for his sister because she looked so young and that led to further embarrassment.

“You know my mum is so young and my mum walked into the headmaster’s office and he got extra angry. I asked you to bring your mum not your siblings. My mum was angry already and this man was already making it worse, it was terrible,” he said.

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