‘If You Can’t Tell Your Story Shut-up’-Nana Yaa Brefo To Kofi Adomah’s Critics

The veteran TV and radio presenter, Nana Yaa Brefo criticized the critics of popular journalist Kofi Adomah following the recent revelation he made about his marriage.

Kofo Adomah recently admitted that he is a habitual womanizer and serial cheater on live radio just two days ago.

Kofi Adomah admitted to having affairs with other women numerous times and even having children with some.

He also described how he wasted the money he had stolen from his wife on other women, some of whom he had gotten pregnant.

Following the revelation, several Ghanaians criticized Kofi Adomah online for mistreating his wife in spite of her love for him.

In addition, these critics recommended Kofi Adomah’s wife Miracle to file for divorce from the broadcaster since, in spite of her heartfelt love for him, he has continued to cheat.

Kofi Adomha’s colleague Nana Yaa Brefo has criticized all the critics who won’t stop talking about Kofi Adomah’s misogynistic behavior.

Nana Yaa Brefo advised everyone who was assaulting Kofi Adomah to confront their mothers regarding their fathers’ promiscuous behavior.

She concluded her remarks by labeling all of the critics as crazy individuals who ought to focus their talents on making a difference in the world.

She also stated that it is good for Kofi to share his story for other people to learn.

Watch the video below;

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