“If Your Partner Uses Snapchat Most, They Are Cheating on You” – Kafui Danku

People should be cautious of partners who use Snapchat, according to actress Kafui Danku.

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She thinks that anyone who utilizes Snapchat as their primary social media site is highly likely to cheat.

In a video counseling session, Kafui encouraged people to completely shun such couples in addition to asking them to be on the watch for them.

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“If the person you are dating uses Snapchat as their major social media platform, just know that they are cheating on you,” she said.

Generation Z and millennials choose Snapchat over other social media sites because of the security and anonymity it provides.

Kafui Danku, however, is of the opinion that only liars with something to conceal use Snapchat on a regular basis.

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