I’m Stuck Between My Two Cousins,Help Me.

I’m a girl and 24yrs based in Accra. I have lived in Accra all my life but growing up I had these male cousins that were living with us.

They stayed with us because their parents were the busy type so my mum was the one taking care of us. We used to bath together since childhood.

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While sleeping, these two cousins of mine touched and slept on me but I didn’t understand and I didn’t tell Mummy about it either because I saw them to be my family.

This kept going on even when I grew up, completed JHS and was preparing to start SHS. The two of them still had sex with me till date and I’m also used to them.

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They both get angry when they see me talk to other guys and I’m confused because there is a guy at my workplace and he likes me but I can’t be with him because I am stuck with these two cousins of mine.

They both rented a place for me, bought me a car and they give me anything I want but I can’t continue with this, I’m depressed.

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