Kanye West Explains How Pornography Destroyed His Marriage With Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Omari, a well-known American rapper, and fashion designer

 have opened out about what ended his marriage with Kim Kardashian.

Only a few months after divorcing one another, the ex-couple reached an agreement.

The couple’s disagreements over property and child custody have made headlines ever since their divorce

While asking the judge to adopt the parameters of their agreement, they claimed in court records submitted last week through their attorneys in Los Angeles Superior Court that they had achieved a settlement.

Kanye, who will now pay $200,000 monthly as child support to Kim, with the duo having joint custody of the kids, said pornography destroyed his home.

“The use of porn destroyed my family, but Jesus will heal everything.

“Remove any and all forms of pornography from Twitter and every platform. Pornography is the product of pedophilia. When grown men look at porn they are watching someone’s daughter relive the trauma for money,” he tweeted on Sunday afternoon.

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