“KiDi Hasn’t Had a Stroke, Ignore The Rumours” -Richie Mensah Breaks Silence on Viral Report

Richie Mensah, the head of Lynx Entertainment, has denied rumors that KiDi, one of his artists, is suffering from a stroke.

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Unverified sources stated that the Ghanaian singer had a stroke. While KiDi’s name quickly rose in Ghana’s Twitter trends as a result of the accusation, the singer’s fans began to worry and inquire about it.

Richie Mensah has categorically denied the claim, stating that his artist is not suffering from a stroke. The rumors, in his opinion, are clickbait.

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KiDi hasn’t had a stroke. Ignore the rumours and the click bait,” he said in a Tweet. The post has since brought relief to concerned fans.

Amen. I wish the speed at which they are circulating this news would have been the same they use for his projects! What a Ghana?!” a Tweep said with another adding that “it’s amazing how these bloggers say things they don’t know just for clout. They have no confirmation from their source or whatsoever“.

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