Lady In Tears After Buttocks Enlargement (Surgery) Gone Wrong

A lady has suffered a severe buttocks infection after an unsuccessful buttocks surgery (gluteal augmentation).

Buttocks enlargement and body surgery have become a trend in recent years. Most celebrities and other individuals are not comfortable with their natural appearance due to peer and social media pressure, therefore they go for body surgery to reform their appearance to look good in the eyes of the public.

Unfortunately, some people end up having chronic infection after unsuccessful surgery.

A lady has become a victim after she did a butts surgery with a certain Dr. Maxwell in Lagos, Nigeria .

Unsuccessful surgery

In a twitter post, sighted by LOOPS GH TV, a user share photos of the said Hospital of Dr Maxwell and the infected lady’s butt.

The caption on the photo reads:
See this lady ooo, she did surgery with Dr Maxwell for Abraham Adesanya for Island in ooo. Dr Maxwell is killing people, so many terrible complaints, infections. Ai in the name of surgery

According to the lady who tweeted the photos, the entrance of the hospital looks appealing but the inside is awkward. She advised ladies to avoid going for surgery in Nigeria.

The lady tweeted:

Omo Nawa don’t people value their lives anymore

See how the entrance of the clinic looks. Saw videos of inside and it’s 1/10. Please stop getting your body done in this country

Not everyone gets lucky even people abroad have horrible stories of their surgeries sometimes then imagine getting yours done in Nigeria. They’d be saying liposuction and fat transfer to your bum 600k you’d rush there and go and do what you will use millions to try and repair Omo

Where does this woman start from now to treat this mess this doctor has done. I can’t even stare at that picture for more than 3 seconds. I’m just trying to imagine how she’d be feeling . God Abeg . She added

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