Loyal Employee Gets Rewarded With $20,000 From Her Bosses On The Spot.

A woman has been appreciated for working and being loyal with the company for 20 years. The black female employee was handsomely rewarded with cash by her white employers.

A LinkedIn user named Amer Kayyal shared the video on the platform which captured the beautiful moment.

Beginning of the video, the unsuspecting lady was dragged to the centre of a gathering by a white man trying to make out what was going on, another white man standing before her praised her loyalty and began placing and counting wads of cash in her hand.

As if that wasn’t enough, the white man who had dragged her earlier exclaimed at the number of years she has worked for the company and topped what the first fellow had given the lady by also counting and placing additional notes in her hand.

The lady was now moved to tears as she struggled to maintain balance from the overwhelming surprise and blessing coming her way, a total of $20, 000 (GH¢156,950) was presented to her.

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