“Men Would’ve Been Finished In Ghana If Women Decided To Kill For Cheating” – Nana Yaa Brefo

Nana Yaa Brefo, a well-known media personality in Ghana, has expressed her displeasure over recent news that a police inspector allegedly killed his partner due to allegations of infidelity and debt.

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Social media users have responded strongly to the incident, with some supporting the culprit and others demanding punishment.

The police inspector’s shooting of the young woman was denounced by Nana Yaa Brefo on her show on Angel FM, saying there should be no excuse for it.

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She also stated that she thought it would be bad for males if cheating partners were killed by their partners, as women equally spend money on ‘cheats’ but do not commit murder.

“Men would’ve been finished in Ghana if women decided to kill for cheating. Whether politicians, pastors, judges, like by now they are all finished! Such rubbish! Women are equally spending lots of money on their men who cheat, have they been killed?” she queried.

Nana Yaa Brefo also chastised the mother of the deceased for approving of and encouraging her daughter to use the suspect. She stressed that some women enjoy inciting misconduct and questioned why these kinds of partnerships are tolerated in Ghana. She also emphasized the emotional strain the suspect’s wife is currently going through.

“Some women are fond of encouraging wrongdoings. You know very well what your daughter is doing isn’t right but you were silent. You were even pushing her into it. I wonder what went on in the house during Christmas. I’m trying to imagine the gifts they received from the man. In Ghana here, I don’t know why we condone stupid relationships such as these. Look at the emotional stress he is putting his wife through,” she added.

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