Moesha Spotted Taking Alcohol – I Am God’s Stubborn Daughter

Born Again Moesha Bodoung is gradually making Ghanaians doubt her new life as she claims.

In a video by her, she is seen taking alcohol and she boldly said God has told her not to take alcohol but she’s doing it anyway.

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She says she’s God’s stubborn daughter and there’s nothing He God can do about it. She wished Ghanaians a happy Easter and took a shot of alcohol.

Ghanaians have warned her to stop pretending and faking her born again lifestyle because she cannot be using God’s name to play.

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Some have advised her that if she wants to go back to her old lifestyle, nothing and nobody is stopping her from doing so but she shouldn’t be pretending.

Some say they wouldn’t be a bit surprised if by a month’s time she is seen gallivanting in her nude dresses and chasing men.

Watch video below:

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