Mother Of Child Who Was Nearly Used For Money Rituals By Her Father Gives Details

The mother of the little girl whose father tried to kill her for money rituals has finally spoken.

Speaking in an interview with GTV, she revealed the previous incidents that happened before the news came out about her husband and daughter.

She said the way her husband asked about their daughter and  came for her was surprising to all of them.

According to her the child’s father called to claim he knows a friend abroad who wants to bring their daughter some clothes and shoes so he said he’d come for the girl to his place on the coming Thursday to measure her dress and shoe size for his friend.

After making the request, he asked his wife to be sure if the girl was born on Thursday, to which she replied ‘yes’.

She added that after the call, she asked her daughter what she thought of their father asking to make sure she was born on a Thursday and their daughter jokingly said that means he’s going to use her for money rituals, to which they both laughed.

The next thing she heard was a video of her child’s father being arrested for trying to use her for money rituals.

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