“My Book is a Prosecuting Document ” – Dr. Roots

Jacob Massaqoui has said on a Ghanaian radio network his latest book, “Fake News” is a prosecution document for perpetrators of crime against humanity in Liberia.

Speaking to Haruna Babangida, host of the week end breakfast show on Y97.9Fm, the Liberan war survivor base in New York says his book, “Fake News” seeks to expose how fake news is used to destroy nations and affects the quality of electorial decisions of the masses.

"My Book is a Prosecuting Document " - Dr. Roots Loops Gh Online
Dr. Roots

He intends to use the book as a prosecuting document against people he finds guilty of committing crimes against humanity. “That book is a prosecuting document. I’m going to use that book in court against these people, and I’ll be my own lawyer”, he says.

“The chief mastermind of the war was transformed into an international feminist queen right before our eyes after she was convicted by the Liberian TRC report, which I had the privilege to work on the process. My Agency, African Refuge, Inc., served as the coordinating point for the TRC diaspora project.
I have insider information. When I took a stand and decided to advocate for justice for Liberian war victims, the very people who were my friends and allies sweet-talk me to stand down. First, I was bribed and enticed with attractive positions in the Liberian government. In addition, I was bribed with million dollars to stand down. I refused! Finally, they decided to kill my organization in November 2010″, Dr. Roots.

Dr. Roots is the founder and chairman of Uprising Press, Inc. a media, entertainment, technology and business consultation company founded in January 2018. He is also the founder and chairman of African Renaissance Festival, Inc., a conservative not for profit organization with the mission of promoting US strategic interests in Africa while preserving the ancient indigenous culture and ways of life of the African people on their mother land. The organization advocates closer US Africa ties through trade, investment, infrastructure development, technology transfer, respect for territorial integrity, economic, political and cultural sovereignty.

"My Book is a Prosecuting Document " - Dr. Roots Loops Gh Online
Dr. Roots

As a direct victim of the Liberian civil upheavals, He created the Liberian Civil War Memorial Endowment Foundation, Inc (LCWMEF). A not for profit foundation created in the winter of 2018 to be launched on August 24, 2019. Their mission is to preserve the memories of the 14 years genocidal Liberian civil carnage, promote peace, reconciliation and sustainable development through direct service and advocacy.

He also served as Vice President of Business Development and Africa Investment Strategy at Obie Technologies, LLC, a New York City based technology company specialized in telecommunication and innovative software development from Fall 2017 to December 2018 when the company changed ownership and discontinued its mission.

Story by: Haruna Babangida

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